Wednesday, March 31, 2010

first roll

I just got back from the photo developer (HEMA Fotoservice Amsterdam), and I'm sitting here with my first Lomos in hand! I've posted some of them here, but with the lack of a scanner, I've actually imported them with my digital camera. Not very professional, but it'll have to do for now!

Price: 7.99 Euro (10 USD).

Result: First of all, thinking it would be 16 shots, I was a bit disappointed finding it was only 12. Most probably, it was due to my clumsiness with the film. 7.99 + the cost of the 120mm films was quite expensive, but I’ll look around for a cheaper alternative.

Second, the pictures are crazy! They are definitely different from what I had expected. They are spacey, trippy, blurry, chaotic, messy, bright, dark, high and low, all at the same time. I definitely need some time to get use to this camera, and hopefully the results will improve. From this roll, I’m happy with 5 pictures, so we’ll see if the % increases next time. I give myself a grade of 3.2 on this one (5 out of 16).

Lessons learned:
• Diana is unpredictable!
• The viewfinder does not work! Next roll will be shot just by point-and-shoot.
• The lens is more tele than I thought, which means I’ll have to go further away from my subjects.
• Consider a 35mm backpiece for lower film and development prices??

I also bought a new roll of 120mm film. Colour this time. To the jawdropping and ballcrunching price of 8.50 euro (11.5 USD).


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