Saturday, May 8, 2010

queensday/koninginnedag, amsterdam

koninginnedag, the 30th of april every year, is the crazy celebration of the dutch queen's birthday. actually, it's the celebration of the previous queen, but for some reason the present queen officially celebrates her birthday on april 30. koninginnedag in amsterdam is the biggest streetparty in holland, and 700 000 come to the city every year. everyone is happy, hammered, and dressed in orange.

the weather wasn't great this year, with rain and clouds most of the day, so pretty poor light for photos. I was also disappointed when I realized one of the three rolls of film I shot that day was actually b/w. kinda ruins the whole orange-thing. anyways, I think these shots turned out great, and capture some of the amazing atmosphere in amsterdam!


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  1. awesome snaps! you captured the vibrant atmosphere <3