Thursday, May 6, 2010

lomo lubitel 166b review

I just received this beautiful russian camera and I am super excited about it. this exact model, the 166b came into production in the 1980s, and I doubt it has changed much since then. it took a while to figure out the functions on the camera, but after some testing and experimenting, I think I've figured it all out.

the camera has shutter speeds ranging from bulb mode to 1/250 sec, and the aperture range from f/4.5 to f/22. the most characteristic feature with the lubitel is its twin lens system. the two lenses have the same focal length, and are intertwined, so when you look through one and control the focus, the same happens on the other lens. the camera has a waist-level viewfinder, which works mirrored, so it's kinda confusing in the beginning. lomo lubitel is 100% manual, and have quite a lot more setting possibilities than the diana.

I was lucky enough to find this beauty on ebay, and I didn't pay more than US$1 for the camera, and US$27 for the shipping. the low price made me pretty sceptic, but the camera seams to be in great shape (considering the age).

today i'll test my first roll of 120mm in the camera, and I will get back to how it went. hopefully I'll be able to upload some photos taken with the lubitel soon. there was actually a really old exposed film inside the lubitel when I got it. really not sure whether I should have it developed. would be awesome if it was some great old pictures, but would suck bigtime if it was full of child pornography or something!


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  1. yes please tell us how it goes! I'm currently bidding on one atm (not as cheap but still a good deal!) really wanna know how good the pix are and how easy it is to use!