Thursday, May 27, 2010

17th of May - celebrating Norway's national day

may 17 is the celebration of norway's constitution. it turnes oslo, and the rest of the cities in norway, into a huge streetparty, in some ways similar to the dutch queensday. however, instead of wearing orange, everyone is dressed up in dresses, suits, or our national costume. as opposed to many other countries' national day celebrations, there is no focus on military or parades, but more on the celebration of the people themselves.

we started the day out with a campari-sponsored breakfast at 9am, before we headed into the centre of oslo around 12. the party on the streets in the centre kept going till 6-7ish, before we moved on to a houseparty. it was a great day with loads of old friends, and as i heard someone sum the day up; the 17th of may is a day where you go to places you don't usually go to, you drink and eat things you don't usually drink and eat, talk to people you don't usually talk to, and wear clothes you never usually wear.


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