Monday, June 7, 2010

vigeland sculpture park, oslo

when I was home in oslo last time, I took the trip down to vigeland sculpture park, or frognerparken, as we norwegians call it. the park, which is situated in the middle of oslo, covers over 320 000 m2 (80 acres), and features 212 different sculptures, all created by gustav vigeland. one of the most famous sculptures, the monolith (first picture), is over 14 metres high, and is comprised by 121 human figures. it took 14 years to carve the sculpture out of granite, and when it was first shown to the public in 1944, 180 000 people showed up to see the figure.

all these shots were taken with diana f+ on a Kodak Portra 400 BW roll.

also, after buying a holga 120 on ebay for a friend of mine, he has started to post his pictures in a blog. check it out here



  1. hi! can i ask? where can you buy films for a holga & diana f+ in oslo? and where can you have these (lomo) films processed? is it possible to the negatives scanned and burned to a cd for easier uploading to the web? or do they print them on photo paper and you just scan them adterwards? am so naive with this stuff but i sure am very interested with lomography. please give me some tips at reignebow at gmail dot com tusen takk!

  2. hey,

    i'm actually not sure where to buy/process film in oslo. i bought my films in amsterdam, and got them processes when i got back there.
    however, in general i would recommend to buy a scanner that can scan negatives (up to medium format), for example epson 3170, 3200, or something from canon. then you don't have to pay for prints, and easily get the photos digitally.
    good luck ;)