Wednesday, June 16, 2010

brooklyn bridge, NYC

after 10 amazing days in new york city, i'm back in amsterdam. i came back with a total of 9,5 rolls of 120 film, with 7,5 of them on positive 100 film and 2 on b&w 400 film. since i've never done it before, i decided to get the positive films cross-processed. cross processing is when positive/slide-film is developed in chemicals meant for negative films. this is a popular process with lomo photos, as the result is often vivid and crazy colors. another advantage, at least at the photolab I use, is that when using C-41 (negative) chemicals, the development only takes one hour, as opposed to 4-5 days with normal positive. however, the results are a bit mixed. one of the reasons is that my scanner doesn't understand what is going on. some of the photos turned out really cool, while others were just monochrome read, and I had to turn them into b&w.

anyways, here are two shots from brooklyn bridge, new york. both are shot with the Lubitel 166B, with f/22 and 1/60 sec.



  1. dette har jeg ventet på! du er så pro på å ta bilder med film nå! det siste bildet er genialt :) gleder meg til å se resten!

  2. I love the soft touch, it's really dreamy... I'm so happy to hear that you came back with so many rolls, can't really wait to see the pictures!!

    Have a great weekend!! :-)