Thursday, April 1, 2010

35mm or 120mm??

35mm or not 35mm, that’s the question. After experiencing the pretty stiff prices of 120mm film and its development, I am considering the 35mm back. I know it is possible to mod the Diana yourself to make it shoot 35mm, but the problem is rewinding the film (which has to be done in a changing bag or a darkroom, neither of which I have).

The 35mm back costs about 45 Euro (60 USD), and allows you to use 35mm in the Diana with different available image formats. I must say my favourite format is the square with exposed sprocket holes, it looks amazing (check the pictures below). With the 35mm back, I am thinking to just get the film developed into negatives, then use a scanner that can scan negatives. I’ll go to a lab today to check the prices for just developing into negatives.


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  1. You know what.. maybe I have to give the 35mm back another go, but I was very, very disappointed in the photos that it produced on my Diana.
    I have no idea if anyone else had the same problems, it seemed to need even more light than normal one exposure down. I suggest using at least 400iso.