Sunday, April 18, 2010

HELP! Diana is ripping my film!!

after shooting 3 full rolls of 35mm film, I decided to do another 120mm b/w film. but after loading the film, I had problems winding it. I gave it a little force, but suddenly all the resistance in the turning-wheel was gone. I carefully opened the back of the camera, and saw that the film was ripped. I then took was left of the roll and loaded it again. but again, the same thing happened. what have I done wrong?? if anyone has any clue, please leave a comment. I'll add two pictures of the diana to show where the film is getting ripped.



  1. i experienced this too, on my first roll. brand doesn't really matter i think, but i used fujifilm.
    what i did was opening the camera in dim light, and then tape the film to one piece again. after you taped it, load the film again and hope it doesn't rip this time.
    this worked well for me, the pics came out good too.

    nice blog btw!

  2. Nice one. Thanks for the tip. I tried putting the backpiece on without "sliding" it on, and rather just put it on directly from the back (if you know what i mean). I think the rest of my roll worked, but I still have to wait to see the results ;)