Sunday, April 28, 2013

the use of lomography in fashion and streetwear photography

it's been a long time since this blog was updated, and a lot has happened with lomography. the life of analogue photography is a big roller coaster. it was forgotten when digital took over, it came back when people got nostalgic, and it disappeared again when mobile apps allow people to make "analogue" pics with their smartphones. people with a love for photography still long for the feeling of analogue shots, and there's been a comeback in film even in fashion photography. the label this is a love song just did a full lookbook analogue, and there's many more doing the same. more so than the pure fashion photography is it "accepted" to shoot analogue in the world of streetwear. instead of having to be polished and perfect, shots in the streetwear world can be raw and edgy. there are also many shooting "analogue", with the likes of hipstamatic or other smartphone apps. like this photo, which is a collaboration between Nemis Clothing and EGR (actually one streetwear label and a fashion label together). as a lover of lomography and analogue photography, I was definitely amongst the skeptics when it came to hipstamatic. to be frank, I didn't even try the app until very recently. it was almost embarrassing to see how much I like the app. the feel of choosing lenses, films, and flashes really reminded me of the analogue world, and was running around testing all combinations, doing double exposures and very random shots. the fact that you have to wait for your "prints" to "develop" is also quite neat. so things are moving forwards, and backwards, with lomography and analogue photography in general, and hopefully it will keep doing that ;) I, for one, will definitely follow the development, and keep shooting analogue, digital, and digital-analogue for a long time coming!

(photo by splatou)